I looking for a great hard money lender in maryland that will help me to rehab some Baltimore homes. I have to start small but if I acqire enough I can soon be on my way.

There is many mentioned on this web site also look at some of the Loan officers signatures some times they have web sites you can go to to get hard money

also look in your local news papers with title like money to lend

TRy this link

Thank you the site really helped, if you have any inside tips on using a HML please feel free to express your comments or insights! :slight_smile:

Hey. Happy Holidays everybody. Question: Looks like I am about to get laid off of my job due to budget constraints :cry: And I got a few deals in the works. Right now my credit is good but in the event that I’m laid off, can HML help me with getting purchase/fix up money in order to flip properties?


It’s possible that a HML would consider doing your rehabs. Depends on the equity position.

Hey Blue, there are some great HMLs that lend just about everywhere. Even Maryland.