Know anything about landromats, financing, etc

Hello, I am new to this website and a relatively new investor. I currently have 3 SFH’s homes as well as 6 duplexes. I live in a small town in North Florida that has doubled in size in the past 5 years and will continue to grow. Right now, there is only one laundrymat in the entire town. It’s located in a small shopping center and is always busy (it took me 3 days of dropping in until I finally had access to one of the larger washers for my comforter). When I did finally get a washer, I ran into the owner whom I’ve known at a distance for about 10 years. He’s trying to sell the place. Took me back showed me some numbers. So I’m curious if any of you have ever owned a laundrymat. This is a great location, and the numbers I was shown looked good. I’m interested in Tax strategies, time involved in operations, etc. Any feedback out there?