Know a good/cheap carpet company?

I’m looking for someone to install new carpet in a house I’m going to flip. Do you have any suggestions in the Austin, TX area? (Name & Number)

Recommend using different carpet for rental proprieties vs. flip properties?

Might have some success here…

This may not be exactly the suggestion you’re looking for. But what I have done when I found a way for a good deal in carpet work is by networking. I found this guy who have to fix my carpet in my primary home. While he’s working on my carpet, I asked if he’s doing side jobs…of course! Well, I set up an appointment with him for an estimate of the investment home. The pricing he qouted me is about half of a regular carpet contractor would charge.
The idea here is to ask around if they know anyone who’s working in any carpet contract group. Hire him separately during his time-off or weekends.
Oh yeah, another thing I learned from this guy is remnant pieces. especially with linoleum flooring. Every carpet store always have remnant pieces that you could buy at a bargain.

Interesteing - If I understand correctly, your saying cut out the contractor and negotiate with the worker. For materials use the left overs from other jobs.

you got it right when it comes to hiring the tradesman. in short, you’re helping him for a moonlighting job. and the best thing about this approach is most of them have their own tools and equipment . the same equipment they use when working for a carpet company.

the remnant pieces, it doesnt have to be the excess materials from other jobs. most carpet stores even locally owned, got remnant stocks that will sell for almost 50% less.

Don’t know if this helps or will reveal my true penny pincher self. I recently hooked up with a carpet cleaner/installer and he cleans the carpet he thinks is still in good shape AFTER he cuts it out of one of his new carpet jobs. I have been buying this carpet for $.90/yard(bargined from $1). The carpet looks and smells like new to me. Might give it a try.

For paint and carpet both, go to Sherwin-Williams and ask to have a PC (professional coatings) sales rep contact you. The reps have a lot more price flexibility than the store managers, and they will battle for every sales dollar (I used to be a SW rep). Not all reps deal with carpet, but for an few thousand dollars or more a year (many investors will spend 60K+) they will find what you need. Pretty much any price quote you can get from anywhere (excluding remnants) Sherwin can beat soundly. They are a national account with all the major carpet co.'s - shaw, alladin, etc. The one area they can’t always win on is installation, but they should be competitive. If you know an installer and are just buying carpet, no one will beat them. Good luck.