Knocking On doors

I have a question for you guys that knock on doors what do you guys say when the homeowner opens the door?

I am about to start knocking I have sent out letters B4.

Thanks in Advance

I’ve trained my salespeople to do exactly that. Without giving away all my secrets, I’ll give you some pointers.
Create and memorize a brief blurb (30 seconds). You should focus on what separates you from the rest of the vultures they’ve already visited. Also fit in to the 30 second window, what is in it for the distressed homeowner. I teach a 3 pronged attack wherever possible; Letter,Phone (Often not available), Door Knocking, letter, door knocking. Rinse, repeat.
Good luck,

You can simply say ’ hi my name is will and I buy houses in your neighborhood, I was wondering if yours was for sale’

thanks guys for your responses.

Practice what you preach. Well yesterday I actually tried doorknocking bu got lucky when the homeownver wasnt home. LEft a post it note instead. Not used to talking to people. Sooner or later I will connect with a homeowner and actually start talking!!!

Good job, Steve, for getting out there. You’re taking a huge step by getting outside of your comfort zone; it’s the way we evolve in any worthwhile endeavor. Soon you’ll find that what once terrified you becomes second nature. Put together a short “elevator” speech and memorize it. Pitch your wife, dog, children and friends with it and it’ll roll of your tongue when you get to the homeowner. Hat’s off to you…

If you really want to learn door knocking, try this guru.

I should start selling my pearls of wisdom…for a measly $1200 I also can teach you how to knock on a door…Jeez, for just another $1500 I’ll even teach you what to say…

In fact, Dan Doran’s program shows you how to do lead generations and how to train others to do it for you so you don’t need to do it yourself. The training material are included. You will be the judge on how valuable it is and may produce things more valuable and cheaper.

Yep, his program is on my list to buy once I meet my goal of getting my3rd short sale. I listed my goals and rewards, a number of gurus out there recommend you put on paper what you want. So now I actually have to try to talk to the homewoner. I did find a mentor who will split the profit with me after the expenses have been paid off. He is actually head of a local rei club here in florida and a hard money lender.


Great for you to find a mentor who can coach you. Real estate business is a people-business. The interaction between you and the mentor are more precicous than getting a good course. Their guidance should also help build the confidence quickly.



Thanks Josh,
Being a computer geek for many years. It is easier to relate to the computer than people. Probably why I never got interested in the retail market. Now I gotta force myself to come to terms that I need to become more people oriented and believe that I can do it.


I was in high tech/Engineeering before. I can understand.

As a business owner in B quadrant, we all need to

Start networking, develop relationship and finally hopefully can establish partnership.

This is sometimes a number’s game. You network 100, have relationhsip with 20 and finally partner with 4. However, those solid partnership will get you going for a long long time.



Hiya Steve:

Is this h.m.l invest nationwide or just in Florida? I was interested in knowing.

Great Topic! This could be a nice long term place to support daily door knockers. Will be somewhat specific, without selling out all my secrets.

My Personal tips for door knockers:

Always go in pairs preferably gender balanced, and it is a safe practice, from a risk managment standpoint, and its more fun to work in teams.

Go when sellers are likey home, afternoons on weekdays and mornings on weekends. Pray for rain, and wear reliable rain gear.

Take turns with lead, the second person will always have a good position through subtle observations and can take notes. Lead person should never have anything in their hands.

Define and Manage your conversion rates closely and daily.
ie number of knocks, personal contacts, phone numbers, cured, etc.
It is a percentage driven game and you always need to know were you stand.

Come from a mindfull and respectfull place. If you can’t you have no business doing this work. Research and identify competent and reliable, resources, ie social services, affordable housing agencies that offer foreclosure counseling etc. If you can’t gain and build trust with the home owner you will seldom close the deal.

Smile…be authentic, show interest and you will know what to say.

good Luck.