Kitchen rehab- considering discount granite- your thoughts?

We are looking to renovate the kitchen in our condo in anticipation of selling next spring. We obviously want to limit our expense while improving the appearance of our kitchen. Yesterday, we went to a discount home store that was selling these granite countertops: for $10-$25/sf.

It seems that they keep the cost down by offering the 2 cm granite slabs and this modified sink that does not require the need for a sink hole to be cut. The majority of buyers in my area are first-time buyers (like I was several years ago) and may not notice the difference in the sink. But, I definitely don’t want to spend time and money on something that is likely to give the new owners nothing but problems in the future.

I was just wondering if any one had seen this product and had any thoughts on its benefits/limitations. I would appreciate any advice/warnings you might have!

Excellent price you are offering for the kitchen.


I have a professional background in construction with over 31 years of experience, and I am an avid investor with a lot of property experience.

I think the sink and the system will work great for a condo or townhouse to spruce things up as long as your unit is worth less than $250k, if it’s worth more than $250k then I would go the custom slab cut and install route with under counter sink.