kitchen help please

I need help updating cabinet knobs and counter top as cheap as possible… Knobs are sooo expensive as there are 20+ doors… The countertop is an old yucky green that was stylish in the 70’s…The cabinet doors are old solid painted white… I think if i just replace the handles I can update cheaply as this will just be a rental… any ideas??

The cheapest way to update the handles is just to paint them black. Otherwise, WalMart’s handles are less expensive than Home Depot or other hardware stores.

There is probably a junk or old furniture dealer in your area that has a bin of old handles. You can also try Ebay if you have time.

We just fixed an old counter by just touching up burn spots with paint. Then I bought a very large bamboo cutting board–$25 at Wal Mart. It looks great and you don’t notice the old counter anymore.

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If your countertop doesn’t have a lot of angles, you can just go to Home Depot or some where and get pre-fabbed countertops that are really good looking and cheap. I think a 6’x30" was about $60. We jus tape off where we need to cut it so it doesn’t splinter and use a reciprocating saw to do the cut…I think they do have pre-cut 45 degree angled countertops you can buy too for cheap.

you could just reface the countertop if you wanted to go as cheap as possible… look into laminate sheets that glue right on top of the existing counter… the only tool you should need extra would be a laminate trim router.

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Actually those old, green counter colors from the '70’s are back in again-- go figure :rolleyes

For an inexpensive update that will have your kitchen looking primo, you can glaze those white cabinets. Cost is low and the look is very right-this-minute. Then change out the hardware with something simple and cheap (and yes, Walmart’s a good source) and (shudder!) leave the counters if they’re in good repair.

We glazed the cabinets in our last rehab and the transformation was amazing–Here’s a link-- scroll down near the bottom, then go back up for full instructions.