kitchen cabinets

Where is a good place to buy nice looking kitchen cabinets at an affordable price for a rehab in Austin, Tx? We are newbies and don’t know all the resources available in this area. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

I didn’t want to be yet another person who views your questions and doesn’t bother to answer. If you have a Home Depot or a Lowe’s, I would stick to that.

Good luck with your rehab.

we’ve gotten good quality cabinets at “seconds and surplus” here in Dallas. Their selection is hit & miss, so we had to make 3 trips to get them all, though. But at a price that was 1/3 of the big box, we were ok with that.

If the cabinet boxes are good go to Lakeside moulding’s web site (google Lakeside moulding) and order new mdf doors from them. Paint the new doors and the old boxes and you get a great looking kitchen rehab for under $600

Republic Industries Cabinets has a Factory Outlet in Dallas…I apid $605 for all of the cabinets (upper and lower) for a small kitchen, It came out great.


I got some great solid maple cabinets at Lowes. I would not hesitate to buy them again. Plus you can buy a 10% off coupon for Lowes on ebay and save hundreds. Their installation price was very high and offered a lifetime guarantee that is useless. It was limited to the original owner and the place was a rehab. I used a cabinet instataller for less than half Lowes price. It came out awesome.

IKEA. Do not pass go, do not collect $500. :wink:

There is one in Houston, and one in Frisco.

Here is the deal… IKEA is a direct sales company, so they sell only their branded stuff. They do have a great Kitchen selection, and it is very affordable. They do carry solid wood, but their most innovative and affordable solutions involve pressed wood w/veneer and solid wood facings plus interesting approaches to storage.

Go to their site… they have a free Kitchen Planner that includes most of their fixtures in a 3D CAD-like program that also tallies up prices for you. Very handy!!

PS: I dont work for or with IKEA… my wife and I are simply fans of theirs. :slight_smile:

I justed rehabbed a kitchen completely with IKEA cabinets. I would do it again in a heartbeat. We installed it ourselves - but be forewarned they will only deliver (meaning even if you put it together yourself they insist it must be delivered) and it came in a delivery of 70 boxes!!! When we put it all together, there were some missing boxes/pieces.

However, when I went to IKEA and explained, they were very helpful and taking things back, getting things that I was supposed to receive but didn’t – was easier than I ever thought it would be. Great customer service, great product and right now there are some discontinued kitchen cabinets that are on sale and really very nice.

Good luck ;D

That happened to us as well. It’s not particularly rare from what I understand. The thing is, their stuff is all ‘built up’ from many interchangeable components, so to put together a particular ‘model’ of something, it is actually made up of many individual pieces that often get a bit confused as to quantity and etc.

We had driven to a distant IKEA (now we have one close by) to get a van load of stuff and were missing a few pieces. We called them up, they referenced our receipt and they mailed the additional pieces to us at no cost to us. It was very painless, and the customer support was extremely nice and helpful.

And oh my goodness, you cannot beat the price on this stuff!