Kitchen cabinets... replace doors??

Met with a friend tonight to look at a house. He noticed that the kitchen cabinets were in good shape except for the doors. He asked me if you could just replace the doors and leave the base cabinets, and obviously paint everything. Anybody have any experience with this? Is it cost effective to do something like that? I thought it was a great idea, just wasn’t sure about the numbers.

It’s a great idea and very cost effective. Run with it!

It is called refacing when they just take off and replace the cabinet doors. I did it in a home I bought a year and a half ago and it came out great. You can put new nicer doors on and then paint everything to match in say white which is the most cost effective.

I replaced the doors and drawer fronts in a house I rehabbed, and it turned out great. My RE agent could not believe that they were the same cabinets. I ordered my doors and drawer fronts from They tell you how to measure the door openings and drawer openings to get the correct size.

For about $600.00 I got the doors drilled for hinges, drawer fronts, new hidden hinges, and had them shipped to me.

I think it was well worth the cost!

Thanks for the responses. I will let my friend know and if and when I come across this with my rehabs I will know! :beer