Anyone here use or heard of the Kish character who advertises on this site with a banner that reads, “Never use your money again” to invest in real estate. He states he has fool proof plan to help you obtain up to 200K in business lines of creidt. Anyone here familiar with him or his courses?

I have his course and yes it does work. He even goes as far as explaining his four step plan for the cash as well. I do admit that I am in it for the longterm, and in my case, his example of an llc getting lines of credit real slow was not exaggeration.

hey kikaider69, can you tell us more about strategies of his course?

Thanks in advance

hey kik,

Did the course basically involve starting slowly establishing business credit by getting a DUNS number, then going to office supply stores and getting approved for small lines of credit, then moving up to cell phones for the business and so forth, all the wile builing your Paydex business score and eventaully getting 5+ tradelines w/ higher limits and eventually securing the 100k loc.


Does his program involve somehow getting a 100k lOC right off the bat, but using some little known meathods or by using some bank that is new business friendly?


i saw a couple of other threads on this. its funny how a lot of people give oppinions on this over there, and they don’t even have the program. its like arguing about a movie they never saw. absolutely pointless… all just theories… and guesses…

so here is my oppinion:

i bought the course. his system is very simple , its almost like a joke. but i never would’ve think of doing stuff like this without the info. i probably would’ve had to search for other sources of money to be used for real estate investing. i have the other sources too, but this is gonna be a great addition to them. so it’s definitely worth it. i’m still gonna have to try it though, and if it doesn’t work, i’ll just give him a call, because his customers can talk to him LIVE if they have any questions, and if it still doesn’t work i’ll just return the package to him, because he’s got 1 year money back guarantee. and if he doesn’t pay me back the money, i’ll report him… lol

so anyway, i’m not gonna give out the “secrets”. they are not even really secrets. they are just things people would not normally think of. but to give you an idea about his product:

he’s got a list of banks that give credit lines to businesses that are just starting out. and he tells you exactly whats the best way to deal with them, and how to fill out their forms, to make sure they get approved without question. and how to avoid mistakes, that could get them to say “no”. if u add up the ammounts from all the banks, u can end up with 200k. its nothing illegal. its not magic. its very logical and simple.

can you get this info for free? sure. but it would take time, and it would take a lot of trials and errors, and a lot of banks to experiment with to end up with the right ones, and to end up with this solid system. in fact, i guess thats how he did it too… for years tried a lot of different things…
for me its worth it to pay for info that speeds up the process bigtime.

but note. this is not something that works quickly. it takes a few months to get to the full 200k. this system is not about gradually building up a nice credit history for your business. so that’s not the reason it takes time. the reason it takes time is because it’s not recommended to apply for credit lines at a lot of banks all at once.

so for now, i’m satisfied with the info. i don’t know for sure if it works yet. but i don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. and you guys don’t need to give me reasons why it wouldn’t work either, because the reason i bought the packages is to try it out myself, and see it for myself if it works or not.

i’ll let you guys know how it goes.

peace, love & successful real estate investing !


In his course, do these lines of credit require a personal guarantee OR are they exclusively in the name of the business? eg… are they approved using a business credit score such a paydex score from dunn & bradstreet etc…?

If I have to put up my personal credit there is no advantage. The idea as I see it is to acquire credit in the name of the business so if the business goes south you have to personal liability for the debt.

i am sure i’m missing something here… are you saying that legit banks will give credit lines, up to 200K combined, to brand new businesses w/o personal guarantees? even with personal guarantees? why on earth would a bank take that risk? if you have a proven track record, you don’t need help getting a line of credit, you just ask for it. they know you’re gonna be good for it. but if you just start up a little llc or lp or whatever, who in their right minds would just toss you that much cash, even with a personal guarantee (unless you had enough assets to make them comfortable, which prolly isn’t the case)

Thanks again for responding.