kinda complicated situation i need some advice

thanks in advance to anyone who can throw out some knowledge. i bought a home a year ago and bought it with no money down and actually took out 5k at closing. taking my loan amount up to the appraised value. for personal health of a loved one back home we are trying to sell the home- can be tough when you have as much tied up as its worth. Heres the question, i have a woman who’s interested in the house and has a relative who will give her almost all of the amount. just for numbers sake my mortgage is 97,5k and she can pay 85k in cash. what do i do with the money? is there any risks with taking this money and applying it to the mortgage amount and just holding on to the deed until the extra 12k is paid off? What would you guys do? Any pitfalls i should look out for? thanks again!

Lease it to her with the option to buy within a year. Ask for a $20,000 down payment. Also get enough monthly cash flow to pay down the mortgage faster, IE get $1000 if you owe $700 a month.