Anyone out there with a killer letter to banks that’s sure to make things turn to your favor? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

You’ll need ALOT more than a letter to get the banks attention. Your letter is basically just a brief intro and overview to what everything else is in your package your sending them: hardship letter written by the homeowner, pictures of the property, pictures of the comparable properties, comps (low-side), any negative articles you can find on the area, repair details and costs…etc etc. Your job is to build a case that will convince the bank they want nothing to do with this property and can’t wait to unload it. It will be an albatross in their portfolio if they don’t unload it. You want to dig up as much negative stuff as possible so the bank will be willing to discount it substantially just to get rid of it. Their loss is your gain.
And everything you send to the loss mit rep you also want to send to his/her supervisor as well so get/make doubles of everything. Do your homework and you’ll increase your odds of increasing your bank account.

gccre is spot on. Don’t worry about a killer letter. It is inconsequential. Build your case by getting the right supporting docs.

would like to know more about investment ?

This question is like asking “how do I make it big in America?” and I often hear it from my students and new investors in general. There are many ways to make it big, just like there are many ways to go about real estate investing and make lots of money.

I would recommend starting here:

I can literally think of more than 50 niches in real estate where you can make a nice living. Read about different techniques and find something that fits your style or your financial goals. Then learn all you can about that particular technique. Post here with more specific questions and people will be better equipped to help you.