Kids can't play Outside

Make sure those bad a22 kids stay off the equipment.

Kids are obese, have no imagination, and are somewhat useless once they become ‘adults’…wonder why that is?

The press is notorious for ignoring facts and slanting articles. So, I want to hear the other side of the story about what the kids were doing and whether or not they were supervised.

As much as the rule for kids not to play outside sounds outrageous, the fact that it was in the lease agreement and the tenants willingly signed it, means they were warned in advance and they accepted to live by the rules.Why complain now?

My wife doesn’t even like our kids to play outside in our own back yard without her or myself watching them. I thought she would get better once we put a fence around the yard. Unfortunately, things have not changed much.

Kids will be ignorant if they just stay indoors. They will be become prone to some illness. Physical activities and getting closer is essential.

It’s really worrisome. And what’s worse, things aren’t getting any better either.