kicking tenant out

i bought a building, one tenant paying below market rent ,any way to get him out , ??? in n. jersey ,building is corp. owned

Yes there is. What does the lease say?

Depending on what the lease states and what the current status is. Also how many units? More facts are necessary to ascertain.

Jeffrey Rincon, Esq.

thanks, there is no current lease only the old landlords lease which is up , it is a 6 unit building

Typically, if a tenants lease has expired you can evict a tenant by giving them notice to vacate with 30 days notice, by giving them a notice of non-renewal. As the general rule is that a month to month lease can be terminated by either party with a months notice. There are some exceptions to this but in general you should be able to get the tenants out. The best idea is to consult with an attorney who has experience with landlord/tenant laws in the township of the property, as there many nuiances which come back to bite if everything is not done correctly.

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You didn’t say that this was a bad tenant, just that he was paying below market rent. Instead of trying to kick out your tenant, why not just send then a notice of rent increase. They will probably either decide to pay the increase or move out voluntarily.

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there is rent control ,and he knows he got a great deal for himself,he is a fighter.

Our family owns rentals in NYC and San Francisco, both places have rent control, and the laws prevents us from kicking tenants out. I don’t know the rent control laws in your area. You would have to study it.

Common sense would dictate that the law would prevent tenants from being kicked out because of rent control because what good is rent control if any landlord can say “you’re out because you’re rent controlled”.

I also recall NJ has a state law protecting tenants from being arbitrarily being evicted.

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