Kicked out previous tenant experience

So i rented out my best unit to tenants, they failed my credit score check (erenter- 620-680), but the last 2 apartments gave them good reviews. The addresses checked out and the paystubs were accurate and more than enough to pay rent. Employer verified employment twice.

The other unit guy was inherited, no deposit,very vulgar a/h.
I waited for him to leave and then called him. He had trashed the place, left some crap in them and slight destruction of property.So i told him in not as many words, thats hes just one street from being a deadbeat, and that he can be sure ill come after him through the law.

He didn’t have a lease with the previous owner, no deposit even, so I had to not piss him off before he left. The same guy cribbed when I had asked him to leave, saying its not ‘courteous’ and it’s against the law, he claimed he had renters rights even though he didn’t have a lease. Now suddenly when I held him responsible he didnt have an agreement and he wasn’t liable. When I went to collect rent, he claimed he had lost lots of money because I had asked him to leave. He even went on to say his early retirement came in and because of me he now had to take another apartment!! dunno what the relationship is? The funny thing is when we asked him if he’d like to stay on with new terms, new lease and more rent he said his roommate was moving out so he would have to move anyways…

But once he left I had nothing to lose, I called him and told him not to spend too much of that retirement money. I said even though we didnt have a a contract his violating my property amounted to vandalism which is a criminal activity. For once this guy didnt attack too much.

I guess it ultimately makes no difference, but now I have extra confidence and know the criticality of taking a security deposit.
Sorry for the long winded comment but needed to vent.

I understand completely - that sucks.

In Texas you can shoot trespassers on your property at night. You can also shoot anyone breaking into your home anytime of the day. If you have a handgun permit, and someone assaults you or endangers your life, you can shoot them - anywhere and anytime. And you can also shoot anyone in the act of stealing your property…so if you catch someone taking your lawnmower out of your garage during the day to steal it — bam — he’s dead.

You have to love Texas!!!

However…we cannot unfortunately shoot someone who damages our rental properties.

It sure would be nice though!!!

He may be right. In many states, the landlord-tenant law calls this person a tenant at sufferage. He has all the same tenant rights as a tenant on a month to month lease.

Good idea to check with your attorney before taking any adverse action against your tenant.