Keys to success

A question for all of the successful real estate investors. What is the best plan you have found to get you to be a successful investor? Rental and flips mixed? What is your formula for knowing a property is a good deal? A minimum amount of profit? A certain percent of the money you put in? What return do you look for? What minimum positive cash flow do you look for in rental holds? Thanks for the insight

Every person’s perfect formula is different, it varies by their location and by their individual situation. No one formula can put every person on the right path to billions.

ericmedemar just joined yesterday. But his post on;action=display;threadid=20285

Speaks very well to this topic. He says that he would rather do 4 deals that make in $10k every month than get one deal that makes $20k every other month.

thanks for the repliues. What is your general rule for rental property? 200 net per unit or more? or 100 per month net per unit?

Don’t get too fixated with forumulas, because they don’t always apply. View the deal for what it is: one deal. Do your due diligence and make a determination how the particular property can best be utilized in your portfolio.