Key Solutions

I was going to work with a company called Key Solutions in Maryland but I wanted to know if anybody heard of them and can explain exactly it is they do or similar LLC’s like them. Their site is I would like as much insight as possivble. reading the contract it seems like there’s a lot of hiiden fees and very unpredictable, I would like to know what exactly is it that they do for and is it worth a shot.

Blue…these folks have been discussed several times in here. Go to:;action=search

then, type in “Key Solutions”…I think you’ll get what you’re looking for.


Keith thanks for the info … I read some of the posts but none of them tell you what it is they actually do, I emailed and called them with atleast 10 questions but could not get any info and nobody called me back. I want to try and start and deal but I’m very skeptical and would like more details. I guess I will have to do as much research on my own as I can but thanks for the help any way. :slight_smile: