This guy sells a course on bandit sign marketing for $400 , don’t waste your time and money. I can’t believe I paid for it but I am someone that uses bandit signs and thought I could learn a few things . His stuff is all common sense and nothing new.

His product uses false advertising as he promises audio CDs but his product is just downloable content to listen to on your computer. I was looking forward to hearing his “teachings” in the car. His 30 day money back guarantee is a lie. He also promises consulting as part of the package which is completely false as I never heard from him.

Not only do you not hear from him but when I called right away for a refund and the guy who picked up said it was a wrong #. I tried to call back a few days later and then went to “kelly’s” voicemail only his mailbox is full. No reply on the email either. What a crook this guy is , no wonder people hate a lot of these gurus. I guess I am out $400 but I will make sure to spread the word about this fraud.

well he actually refunded my money right after I sent a nasty email. Will consider removing this post but not sure how to?

Wow! All I can say is wow. I’m not a guy who buys any guru stuff, but I thought Kelly was on the up and up with things. Regardless of whether he returned the money, I think this is definitely a black mark on his reputation. No doubt about it. And $400 to learn bandit sign “secrets” is a complete joke! I use bandit signs almost exclusively to get my deals, and the ‘secret’ is this. Work hard, stay consistent, rinse and repeat often. There you go! And that costs everybody not a dime!!