Kelly Lynch Bandit Sign Program

I was wondering if anyone has purchased his material?

No, I have not purchased his products before and if you are thinking of doing it, ensure that your city allows bandit signs. Many cities are clamping down on bandit signs (they think it is ugly). I know that my city does not allow the bandit signs and during the weekends when people put them up, private citizens will go and deface the signs, which can be very expensive for you.

I bought his material. A friend at my REIA mentioned him
and I saw him speak at an event in Atlanta earlier this year.
I liked him because compared to the other speakers who
were just selling the whole time, he was teaching.

During the break he spoke with a few of us about
starting out and the best ways to get leads. I purchased
his course because I still want to use bandit signs and
not worry about code compliance which is pretty fierce
where I’m at.

The price was close to a thousand but I can
honestly say it is worth the money. It includes
about 9 different ways to get around the sign nazis,
tons of examples, but the best section was about hiring
someone to placesigns for you. Before this my husband
and I were taking turns because of the kids.

I can’t believe you all either paid money for his program or are cosidering it. :anon

Okay, couple things:

  1. Who would ever pay for something that some guy states he’s an expert in for placing words on signs and hanging them or placing around the neighborhood? How difficult is it to put “We Buy Houses” or “Sell your house fast” or “Prevent Foreclosure Call…” Doesn’t take a PHD or some Guru to figure it out.
  2. Why would anyone pay to have someone else hang the signs? It takes me an hour to hang 50 signs around the areas I target. Not much time considering.

Oh well…