Keep REIClub Forums Separate or Combine?

Please chime in with your preference and your rationale for this question: :argue:

Should I combine the forums into one main newsgroup :flush: or should they remain separate by category?

Thanks in advance for your replies. :bigthumbup:

This is my two cents.
I would keep everything together. My reason is this. I have subject 2, L/O’s, rentals, and commercial.
The same people usually reply all over the board. I read some posts depending on who is posting, I don’t care which board it’s on…but…if it’s on a board that I usually don’t frequent I might miss them.
Whatever you do…thanks for having the board for us.
Great $uccess,

I like them separate, but it is challenging to keep up with all the forums at the same time.

Maybe separate, but with fewer categories.

My two cents.

Didn’t we already test this, a few months ago?

Yes, we did, and the majority wanted to keep the forums separate. Separation allows for more accurate and quicker use of the search function. However, it’s easier to keep up and scan the posts if in one forum. I’m leaning toward consolidating until increases in posting traffic make it necessary to separate again.

I’m all for separation.

Oh, wait… I thought we were talking about my personal life. Nevermind. :o

I like the idea of one main forum.

I think s eparate is good. At least have a separate one for beginners and once for advanced questions. ;D

Keep the way it is. I liked the have/want forum too but I know as the site gets busier that the ad deal is the way to go.

Good luck and thank you,
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All of your topics are differentiated enough to have separate forums.

I’d understand the need for separate forums if you had categories like:

  • Mobile homes
  • Commercial Investing
  • Note buying

but all of your forum topics fall under the general investing header, IMHO.


I don’t spend enough time on the computer to want to look through 4 different forums. I think you’ll get more traffic and You can always seperate them again later if the main newsgroup gets too busy.

BTW, it would be fantastic if there were different icons for different subjects, or some other way of designating topics in the subject.

I’d like to see them combined for now…but then I’m not as frequent a user as many others. Thanks.

I knew you were going to change it. I hope it helps others

Ted Jr


Combining will improve the traffic count I believe without question. I see you have done this, as the traffic builds up then you may want to re-consider.

This may take a while, but again I say the site looks exceptionally smart and easy to use.

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