Just when you think you have one!!!

Wow, thought I had a foreclosure bought to rehab and the bank didn’t do their job before they put it on the market. Don’t have a clear title. Ex-wife got the house per divorce decree and let it go back to the bank. Sherriffs sale took place and bank bought it back. Ex-wife remarried before sherriffs sale so now new hubby has not signed away for his part of the ownership of the home. Yeah! I am told it will work out possibly if the banks attorney can get a quick claim deed. If not it will have to go through the foreclosure process all over again. What a joke. In the mean time I paid an attorney to find their booboo and I have to pay his fee no matter what. It makes me angry to have to do that, even though I know it was to cover my butt. If it falls through I feel it is their deal to pay that attorney fee, but it won’t happen because I signed my life away on their 50 (exageration) page contract because the forms I filled out for the offer was not good enough for them in case something like this happened. Sorry I am so sour today but it XX??!!!###@@@ me off. Graciez