Just Wanted to Say HI

Hello everyone I’m new to this site and to investing in general. I’ve been doing research for the last year or so and feel like I got most of the concepts down and have a plan worked out just need help in implementing it. Anyways just wanted to say Hi to everyone and looking forward to posting as well as reading other postings.

I do not know who I am quoting here but it is someone!! LOL

PEOPLE DO NOT PLAN TO FAIL… They simply fail to plan…

So why don’t you tell us your plan?!?!?!

Howdy C-note:

Welcome to the forum. I hope you can get some ideas from the members and you will also share your success stories and questions as well. Great to have you aboard.

Welcome C-NOTE you will learn a great deal here but as mentioned have a plan, if not you wind up going in circles and going nowhere.

There are many ways to make money in Rei and I find a good plan for newbies (like myself) is:

  1. Have a plan
  2. Learn as much as possible.
  3. Network and build your team
  4. Go back to 2 again
  5. DO IT, (the hardest part for me was the fear)

The thing I am learning is that the money that can be made is insane
but without taking risks you wont see none of it but the more you know the less the risk will be.

Good Luck and welcome, this forum is a great resource…be sure to read all the free articles to the left and listen to all the free audio clips
too, a great place to start.

Also the knowledge from the veterans (which I am not) here is priceless. ;D

Hi C-note, I am new here also and trying to learn just like you. Good luck with your plan.