Just Starting out

I’m trying to get started in the investment game. I’ve been reading everything I can find. I’m in the process of repairing my credit from a divorce :argue. I took a position with a manufacuted home dealer as a sales rep hoping it would help get me familar with the industry.
I was interested in doing a little bird dogging. Where do I start? I’m in the St. Louis area, does anyone know any investors working with bird dogs around here or online. Any info would help. :help

Bird dogging is a good way to start. Your credit scores don’t matter in this business. Contact your local REI group for investors to bird dog for. If you find deals, just call everyone who has a “We Buy Houses” signs and tell them about the properties. If they’re serious investors, they’ll go after the deals.

Besides calling people with signs, check Craigslist.org or Backpage.com for investors.

I’m sorry to hear about your divorce casper573. But I couldn’t agree more with DemosL. He’s absolutely right. I use Craigslist.org for info I need, but beware on some fake ads on that site okay? Good luck!


I’m new to the real estate world, and I want to start out by bird dogging. Does anyone know some great questions to ask the seller to drive them my way to “sell the property to me?” Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you are bird dogging, you’re not buying houses. You are just finding sellers or properties in distress and referring the information to an investor.

Yes I know that. Sorry not to confuse you, but what I was trying to get at is what questions should you ask the seller to try and get them to help you sign this over to investors.