just getting started

i am an investor from NJ. i want to get involved in short sales and am trying to figure out the best way. i know that there are companies out there that work with independent contractors. are they the best way to go?? if so, do you have any recomemdations??

I know posted this comment a couple days ago but I’m new here and just read it. i have been very reluctant in getting into investing because I’m not super saavy at this stuff…but just though I’d pass on a quick recommendation…
I ran across a guy named Lee Arnold and presents a really simple solution to getting involved with short sales in a totally ethical manner (which you know is hard to find). Check him out - the website is www.imthesolution.com
Best of luck to you!!

Ironic, I’m “skeptical” too.

Did you use his program? What part did you find most ethical?


Hmmmm…first post on the site and you’re posting a link to a website…sounds spammy to me…

I was getting to that… :biggrin

1st post with a link sounds fishy to me, too.