Hello All

I am just getting started in Real Estate. There are alot of courses offered.

Since I am just getting started I see two areas that I find interesting the Real Estate Notes. Has anyone tried this program and has had success?

My second area of interest is Wholesaling. What are the best courses/books that explain this in detail?

Has anyone had good success with either of these methods?

Thanks for your help!

If you’re just starting out, I suggest you concentrate on one, maybe two, areas of investing. If you try and be all things to all people right out of the starting gate, you’ll end up confusing yourself and quitting the biz before you gave it a fair chance.
The two best ways for any beginner in my opinion are wholesaling, and lease options.


What are the best courses that explain Wholesaling and Lease Option in detail?

I’m not a wholesaler and so haven’t any first hand experience with related courses. I do my share of options and lease options, and I would heartily recommend The Naked Investor, over at www.naked-investor.com. Excellent course and value.

i’m new in wholesaling too. i haven’t really paid for any courses but i spend a lot of time at the book store. i read every book i can find that has a wholesaling section or is all about wholesaling. i’ve found that there are common denominators in these books and i learned the basic concepts that way and it didnt cost me any money. the rest of the info i’m gonna get is either on this site… or in the field!