Just getting started :anon


I’m a newbie Real Estate Investor and I decided on my niche which will be Wholesaling. After Wholesaling I will convert over to Commerical Residential Real Estate, (It just makes sense to me). This is what I have done so far:

*Wrote a Business plan, (There are Business plan templates all over the internet)
*Set my Goals for the Business, (60, 90 and 120 Days from now)
*Picked a target area
*Understood who my customers are going to be.

So my question is:

Does anybody know of a good title company out in Saint Petersburg? I have talked to some of them but they don’t know what a double closing is.

Thank you!

None of the things in real estate we do is magic but it is not retail real estate. I would find someone that is doing what you want to do in your area and give them a call. Find an ad in the paper that was placed by a wholesaler and call the ad. Let him know that you are trying to get into the business and ask him what title company he uses. You may also ask him what attorney he uses as well.