Just found a money partner!!!! Heeeelp!!!!!!!

I found a money partner Friday. Can any one point me to free JV agreement forms on the internet? The few that I’ve viewed seem to be better siuted for corporations instead of individuals. Does a formal JV agreement have to be filed with the Secretary of state? :help

I need more information on how you plan on structuring the deal. Are you buying a SFR and doing a fix & flip? or are are you buying a commercial property?

Here’s the basic questions:

  1. What is the deal you struck with this money partner?
  2. The is the strategy with the property?



What are you doing Dwillliams? Are you still trying to wholesale or are you moving on to something else. You don’t need a specific JV form when wholesaling. :surprised

Before you get all excited you need to confirm that the partner can actually fund a deal. Do this by coming to agreement as to the type of property and values willing to partner on, find a couple of potential deals that fit the profile and present opportunity to partner. If partner is willing to put put earnest money and show funds needed to close the sale, you a real deal. If not, find another. Of course you will need a written agreement as to roles, responsilibities, etc