Just an idea (I'm sure its not a new one)

If you are doing any type of short sales, you have to track down a fax and phone for the loss mitigation department.

With the wealth of investors on this site, it makes sense to have a one stop area with the bank information.

Instead of spending our time searching for a new number, we could all share our info here.

Your take?

Last year someone posted a large list of loss mitigators contact info. You may need to do a search to find it.

I think this is the list… There might be longer one too:


In the past year there have been over 200 lenders who have closed their doors. Many of the lists, even as up to date as last month, may not be current. Also, for whatever reason, I have found that many of the guys who are still around have changed some of their phone numbers as they restructure their departments. I try to maintain a current list of the guys who are still around, but even my lists now contains some info on lenders who no longer exist or who’s contact info has changed.

GooD Luck! :beer

Even though the list is not up to date it is still helpful piece of information. However, if you will do research yourself I am pretty sure you could find many more companies and phones.