Just a Quick question...

Looking at obtaining rental property in a college town …

question is, I found two homes side by side, but zoned single family. Would it be possible to rent these to college students or do I have to go through the city and get it rezoned. Also, I wouldn’t use them as mutlifamily either, just rent the 4 bedrooms in the house.

Thanks in advanced!

many college towns have ordiances that can restrict the number of unrelated people living together in a house so renting out each bedrooms separately might not be possible. just call the city building department; I’m sure they can help you out in a 5-10 phone call.

Thanks aak5454

I’m planning on being in the area, so I might just stop by the building dept. if I can find it!

If they are able to be rented, I may buy them and wholesale them…all these damn choices!!

Thanks Again!

Looking back on my college recent college days…

My roommates and I rented 4 bedroom houses under one master lease with all of our signatures. Depending on the college, i’m sure there’s demand for a 4 bdrm without having to rent separate bedrooms…

Thanks gsuidiot!

Thats exactly what I plan on doing, instead of renting each room out seperatly. I figure it would be better to rent the house as a whole, that way whoever it the primary leasee, is responsible for all the others to pay the rent!

Thanks for the input though!

I hope there is a chance for me to rent them out…or wholesale them!

Twista, actually what I was saying is have everyone’s name on the lease…not just one Primary. If the primary bounces, everyone else is free and clear. List each one separately on the lease with a signature line for each. If one leaves, the other three need to fork up the rent.

Get a decent deposit…a couple hundred bucks is worth a ton to college kids. We were so paranoid about losing $300 each that we actually fixed things ourselves.

Good Luck.