just a question??

what do u think the hurricane will do for the market in the effected areas??


I’m in NW Louisiana (we will be largely unaffected by the hurricane – the winds are picking up and we expect some rain this evening, but God knows we can use it!)…

My take is that a lot of the greater New Orleans metro area may be largely uninhabitable for many months. They are expecting a storm surger of as much as 20 feet! Downtown New Orelans is about 5-8 feet BELOW sea level…the expectation is that in many places, the water will be up to the second or maybe the third floor of buildings. Some of the older, not-so-well constructed buildings will come down. A great many will lose their roofs, followed quickly by the walls once the roof support is removed. The city has large chemical storage areas – they will dump into the mix, as will the entire sewage treatment areas. The News here was calling it “Toxic Gumbo”.

The city has pumps but the pumps can only handle about an inch of rain per hour and ONLY if there is electricity. Not likely. You will see this as a HUGE disaster. EVERYTHING is going to be, at best, very wet.

I think that the hurricane is going to be devastating for that city, maybe not as bad for others. Long-term, I think you will see people shy away from there for several years in the future. The “beach communities” along the gulf shores (Mississippi, Alabama, and the western end of the Florida panhandle) will have some destruction and get wet but people will go back htere once it’s past and re-built --they always do.


I just heard that part of the Superdome roof is leaking and parts are coming off. They have about 10,000 people in it. Mississippi is getting it pretty bad. Some houses in LA. are being reported to have flooding all the way up to the ceiling and the eye hasn’t even hit yet.

How far is Baton Rouge[sp?] frome New Orleans? My daughters father lives there.

Baton Rouge (your spelling is correct) is 80 miles NW of New Orleans. While the storm is supposed to veer to the northeast, I expect that Baton Rouge will get a good dose of it, too. Baton Rouge is right on the Mississippi River and they expect the surge will affect the river levels. The city of Baton Rouge is very swampy in its natural state. While I’m in Louisiana, believe it or not, I’m over 300 miles away from New Orleans!

I’m hearing the same report about the Superdome but I’m guessing that the estimate of folks inside is low. They were expecting upwards of 20,000. There were 10,000 inside or in line at 3 PM yesterday.