Judicial vs Non-Judicial States

In Judicial states a Lis Pendens is filed as a public notice of defualt. In Non-Judicial states such as Virginia and North Carolina, how do you find pre-foreclosure information?

Did I throw everyone a curve ball? In NC and VA they apparently do not file Lis Pendens. Is there still a public notification equal to a Lis Pendens?

Maybe this will help!


Wow! according to the link above, in VA once a forclosed property is sold the previous owner has 240 days from the date of the sale in which they can purchase the property back for the sale price plus 6%. That sucks! I’m sure it is unlikely that they would, but it is still a big risk, especially if you wanted to rehab it. There’s no way you’d want to put any money into it because you could potentailly lose it.

Is there no protection for the purchaser?

Here in Louisiana, if a property is foreclosed and sold for taxes, the previous owner has a THREE YEAR redemption period!

That would really bite!


Keith, yeah 3 yrs would bite. I guess foreclosures would be a little too risky without somekind of protection.

I offer workout program for homeowners if they qualify. This allows me to get alternative deals because most homeowners in foreclosure will not have any money for a workout plan because the hardship that cause them to get behind still exists.

The homeowner can agree to sell you the property before the foreclosure and you can work a deal with the mortgage company( ie short sale or other arrangement)

This would eliminate any possibility of trying to redeem the property unless they repurchase it from you.

Remember the redemption starts after the foreclosure is final.

In non-judicial states, there is a Notice of Default (NOD). They will be recorded with the county, and will show up on the title.

OK, NOD(Notice of Default). Thats what I was looking for. Thanks. I knew there would be something filed that I could look up.