judgements on house,help.........

seller has to pay off judgements before title can be recorded and transfered right?


The answer is no. You can sell a property with 100’s of liens and judgements. A better question is do you want to buy a property with liens and judgements against it. Here are some things I remember from doing some deals in the past. The title companies and new lenders want the debts paid off before they will insure or loan against the property. Judgements must be renewed to be valid every 7 years or they will be ignored, except property taxes and the IRS and other govt liens as these are not judgements. Your best bet is to hire an attorney to help you decide what exactly to do in your case. Hope this helps some.

I thought title wont record if there are judgements like credit cards?
Dont they have to be paid off first before seller can sell?


You do not have to pay off judgements, tax liens, mortgages, or anything in order to transfer title and sell real property. I bought a house once from a FDIC auction for $300.00 with an $8000 tax lien from local county, school, city taxes. I fixed the house up for another $1000 and kept it as a rental for 2 years before the tax office posted it for foreclosure at a tax sale. I had to pay the taxes eventually when I refinanced but not to buy the property. At the same auction I bought another with 2 mortgages, liens to the city for weed and trash removal and taxes past due. I bargained the lien holders down to 50 cents on the dollar and flipped it for $8000 profit. I owned the house with all the liens still in place for months before selling.

Liens like the credit card debt have to updated every 7 to 10 years to stay valid.