Judgements - back rent

I had a tenant that did not pay the rent. I took them to court and got a judgement and evicted them. I forgot about them and they about me.

Recently I took an application and deposit and when I started checking they were the same deadbeats that owed me the back rent. I am wondering, if I turn them down can I keep the deposit and apply it to the back rent and judgement?

What do you guys think?

Wow, I have never heard of this one before. This reminds me of those “stupid criminal” shows on TV…like the one where a criminal robbed a store. He got away, but left his jacket there, with his ID in the pocket. He went to prison…served his time, got out, and went and robbed the same exact store…and left his jacket there, with ID in the pocket, like he did the first time LOL.

I would think there is a way for you to keep his money, but I am not a legal expert, so I would consult a professional about it. Me personally, I wouldn’t give it back to him unless a judge ordered me to. But that’s just me and my uneducated opinion. As for the legal thing to do, I’m not sure. Good luck, and keep us posted.

Regards, Tony

Now that you have the applicant’s employer information, have your attorney garnish wages or salary until the judgement is paid.

Good answers above. Your state’s law will determine whether you can keep the fee…very likely you can. Here’s a trick that works in some states: You can seize the deposit they leave with a landlord from the landlord (i.e. - garnish or levy on the rental deposit). If the landlord goes back & gets more deposit money - repeat!

John Hyre