Joshua Reed Dorkin of Bigger Pockets "aka" Josh

Do you any of you know Josh Reed Dorkin who started a “My Space” looking Real
Estate Investing site called Bigger Pockets?

I have some strong feelings not if favor of this guy and wondered if
anyone knows this guy, ever spoke to him on the phone or anything?

I can not figure this guy out.

I have corresponded with him, and he seemed ok to me. Would he not let you post your pro-nouveau riche retoric on his web-site as well??

Are you talking about some sort of differnt forum than the rather extensive Bigger Pockets discussion forum? Face book? Bigger pockets looks very much like this forum.

I’ve never seen anything to give me negative feelings about Josh, but then, I haven’t investigated him as an investment partner, either. Just seeing what he writes on the forums doesn’t ring any warning bells.

If you are thinking about investing with him, do your own due diligence.

I like this forum here, better, but I read both.