Josey Wales

scratch that…Josey…Jimmy Wales:

day in and day out…the tentacles of his website continue to amaze me.

How can anyone possibly think of fallout shelters and other doomsday scenarios…(sorry Mike in Ohio)…when you’ve got such democratization of knowledge?



I prefer:

per wikipedia…

This album was effectively the last one in their early musical style, again mixing heavy, doom laden reggae soundscapes

Josey Wales to Bounty Hunter: “You a bounty hunter?”

Bounty hunter to Josey Wales: “A man’s gotta do something for a living these days.”

Josey Wales: “Dying ain’t much of a living boy.”

Other than POSSIBLY John Wayne has their ever been a bigger bad-ass than Clint Eastwood. Even into his 70’s it comes across as believable that he could still kick your ass. :bobble


…even his choice of words for a restaurant was intimidating…Hogs Breath…(was a nice place).