Joint venture presentation

Okay all you seasoned investors out there, here’s a very loaded question:
If a new investor was coming to you with a proposal for a joint venture, what information should their presentation include?

I know it should include:

  1. LTV
  2. ARV
  3. a couple comps
  4. expected repairs
  5. turn over time

Is there anything I’m forgetting?

Hello Redtigress,

How about their track record, experience and their ability to manage a project successfully. Aside from the tangible data on a project, this would be a major factor in determining the ability of the project to be brought to a sucessful end.

Thanks for your input. Unfortunately for me ( the one making the presentation) while knowledgeable about what I’m doing and coming from a varied background, this is my first such project. Luckily the two people I have in mind to present this to are both people that know me in a working relationship and know that I don’t know how to say “quit”. I’m running the numbers right now on the properties I’ve been scouting. Hopefully 3 of them will turn out to be good candidates for consideration. Out of a starting pool of 20 the odds are in my favor. :smiley: Wish me luck and if you have any advice feel free to pass it on!


exit strategy. carrying costs, it sounds like you are flipping the property? The reason’s why you narrowed down your search from 20 to those three, why they are the best properties.

With my business plans and proposals, I’m very up front. I give all the numbers and what they can count on as their ROI. Good luck in your deal :slight_smile:


Your list shows to a potential partner that you know what you’re doing. You’ve got your ducks in a row and can follow through.

Bottomline though, is what’s in it for the partner? What’s the risk to the partner?

Is it going to be a “you supply the money, I’ll do all the work, 50/50 split” or what?

Is it going in the partner’s name? What happens if you don’t sale in time? Costs are more? Etc?

Give the partner something that works for them.


Raj, I’m offended! You honestly expect me to not take care of the partner? Come on now! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was actually thinking of both names. They put up the credit, and I put up the time and effort. In exchange for their credit and willingness to help I was thinking that they and I could come up with an amiable split. I’m not going to put all this time into pulling out old appraisals, title research etc, to let the deal flop due to a lack of an agreement to something mutually beneficial :D.

Anyway back to my dusty tomes of lost information… dives back into shoulder high stacks of information bits of paper stuck to her hair, a pencil behind one ear and ink smudges on her cheek

Not at all, Rebeccah! I know that you’ll make it worth the while of your partner. But you did ask, and the most important thing in a presentation is how is it going to affect the partner (good and bad).

Good luck,


Sorry, Raj… I had to give you some crap:P. I mean I am proud to say I’ve never lost records… :wink: and certainly never lost a whole pallet of them :silly:. I always take care of my people :smiley:
Back to doing my number crunching and writing my prospectus. Maybe I’ll post it online and let everyone read it… See if I’ve got it together right :smiley: :silly:

I wish you good luck on your presentation! I hope you do post your prospectus cause I for one would love to read it!

Once it’s finished I will find somewhere to post it… it’s roughly 10 pages… Did I mention that I used to be management in another industry?