John T. Reed

Hi to everyone on this board, I’m new and have a question on John T. Reed. I’m sure others have visited his website and read his bashing of all the so-called guru’s of real estate. Do other members of this board agree with his statments about people like Robert Kiyosaki? For all the books he sell’s, isn’t he a guru also? I realize the best experiance is experiance itself. But, basic education comes in the form of the books we read. And he bashes just about everyone. Which makes you start questioning wheather you made the right choices in the books you read. I’ve been reading the topics on this board daily for over a month, and I have learned allot here. I’m just curious to what are the opions of others on this board.

Hey Pa,

Welcome! I believe that everyone has their own opinion on everything. Thats what makes America who we are today. I personally use Johns web site as a Ref. When I find someone im really interested in and want to start gathering all the information on this person “GURU”, I visit Johns site to see what his reviews are on the person. If the remarks he says isn’t THAT bad, I’ll continue reading up on the person and get all the books, tools etc from him/her to learn THERE system.

When I first got into real estate, I was memorized by Robert Allen. God how can someone make so much money doing just so little. I went out and bought all his books etc. Than I came up against John’s web site. Wow, did he rag on Allen, saying this and saying that. Did that change my views towards Allen? Probably not, but it opens up your eyes and makes you wonder why Allen never mentioned any of these failures in his life. Its all possitive in the way he writes.

But any ways, Its the way you want to take it is my opinion.
Hope that helped ya alittle bit!!!

Happy Investing



just a comment

one of the first was old bill nickerson, bril man.

the rest are just selling books,and if you get a snipet of information from

each book what more do you want? if you by our book u will get just

a snipet. books, real estate,widgets, one has to apply the formulars to

make money.


I agree completly with you. It’s just that new people coming into investing tend to fall into that “guru” trap. You need to be smart not to fall into those traps and purchase all the books and courses. The most important thing is educating yourselve and taking snipets from books that are highly recommended and applying that stratagie to your own personality. My curiosity about the opionions this subject generates could help someone not fall into the trap and find themselves blown away by the truths. So the opionion of others is still open and welcomed. I think it’s a great learning tool.

My problem with the JTR site is that he bashes all the other authors/educators, then says that his books are the only ones you need to buy.

Might be better to identify an investment niche for yourself, then identify books or courses that focus on that niche. Come to the forums and ask for opinions on that author’s material. Get feedback from those that have actually read and used the materials before making your decision.

Personally I go to the Public Library if I hear about a Guru and get the books and review them doesn’t cost me a dime. And if I think after reading the first two or three chapters it’s lame then it’s lame to me. Currently I am reading a book by Tyler G. Hicks and it has some good information but I am sure it doesn’t contain 100% of the information needed for this business. My suggestion is to take bits and pieces from FREE books at the library and build your own process at approaching this business. “Money doesn’t grow on trees, its just made from them, and they grow in my backyard.”


I agree with what all of you are saying. Even though it’s not cool to be bashing other authors. So has John T. Reed always been successful, what ever he touches turns to gold?

I’ve never read anything by him, but I’ve read many other authors, and they admit they’ve made mistakes, and fumbles, and some made it to the top, fell all the way down, and build it back up!

So, my take on it is, no matter who you’re reading, you’ll get their opinion, with some facts thrown in, but an author writes what’s on his/her mind, in his/her words, his/her story, whether it’s true or not. But with everything you read, you take away an opinion of the writer, you take all those facts and figures and opinions, and formulate your own opinion.

And yes the library offers these books, tapes, and instructional information for FREE! $0 Cost there!

Happy Reading!

Good Luck!

Any succesful investor that has written a book has good points. What i have done is taken all the advise and knowledge I have recieved and used what I was comfortable with. Their is no right or wrong way of investing as long as the end result makes you $.

i’ve read nearly all the rants by john t reed. he came across
as a very bitter person. his public mockery of russ whitney
was very amusing. but i couldnt fathom why he made a big
deal of kiyosaki’s rich dad. apparently he couldnt stomach
the fact the the rich was fictitous!!!
anyway i found one of reed’s books in the local library.
i was amazed to learn he has a harvard MBA and that
he managed an apartment complex from across the country.
no fluff. 100% information.
i’m sold. his stuff is great, but take his guru bashings with
a pinch of salt.