John Sub to wont pay!

well got a person who missed payment this month. do you have forms in the subto book to begin to evict or whatever I should do? My buddy told me serve 2, 30 day “notice of default of contract” then a 5 day pay or quit?

What I have done in the past is send them a “notice to quite” and “notice of defult” letting them know what they did, and what could happen if they do not move out in 14 days(MN), I tell them if they have not moved out by the given date that I will start the eviction process, I tell them that it is costly, that it will go on their credit report and that I will go after them in arbitration to recover any lost expenses that their damage deposit does not cover. They will usually be out by that date or shortly after.


Just go to the Constable’s Office at 309 S. Third St. Take the elevator to the 3rd Floor.

They can take care of everything including providing the paperwork.

Great People, love working with them.

Here is their website:

John LV

Thanks john,
but hey will that work still with the way we do sub tos in your course, like ron and I do? Just thought cause its not a rental but a sale it may need a full 111 day forclosure, yuk? Is it like a 3 or 5 day pay or quit, ron said do a 30 day then a 30 day then a 5 day???

Hey, was in seeing talking to nathan G yesterday, they sure like you around there! was asking him to review the land trust so I can use that to put a house into a trust, skip paying transfer tax for now then have 100 benificial intrest. Seems easy but nathan referred me out to another guy named brent, cause the part in the begining said benficiary AND trustee, were like the same thing, but he said they are like night and day, and likely need to be seperate???

anyway merry christmas, thanks for your help,