John Locke's Subject-To course.


I am interested in learning about subject-to financing. Has anyone here used John’s subject-to course? I am in the San Jose area and I am not sure if this technique will work in my area. The market here has not been hit that bad as the other parts of the country.

Any suggestions and guidance are welcome.


John has a great course… As a California Investor who has done hundreds of deals I can say having the right material is paramount…

Good Luck


William Tingle has a great courtse and yes Subject 2 can be used in Anytown USA. His book has 98% meat and 2% fluff. :biggrin

I’m a student of John locke, you can’t go wrong with john, not to mention you get access to him directly.

Do you know if there are laws restricting subject to in FLA?


Haven’t taken John’s course, but course is full of meat and $100 bucks. Well worth it and he’s out of FL. herbster