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Hello, I am an investor who is trying to branch out from the traditional way of buying properties. I am looking at Subject To Lease Option & Owner Financing, and need a good course to help me get started. I noticed the course by John Locke & William Bronchick and wanted to get some feedback from anyone that has purchased either of these courses. I would like a chance to preview them before I commit that type of cash, $698.00 & $395.00, respectively, to it. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks,

Since I have been with John Locke for a few years, providing the research and helped write the Subject To Investing course you are asking about, you would think that I would recommend only our material. Well this is not the case.

Based upon your post, if you can’t afford to purchase both courses and you need to make a decision as to which one to buy, then I recommend you purchase neither as you are not prepared financially to get into Real Estate Investing. Your best bet would be to sit there and save up your money and when you are financially ready, make your decision then.

Sorry for the reality check.

John (LV)

Thanks for the reply. It’s not a matter of affordability. I can buy every course on this site, but is that a wise choice. It’s about research and making an informed decision. As stated in my post, I am an investor who has purchased several properties (9) as of this post, none of them “subject to.” l’m looking for diverisification as with any investment strategy. Wanted to get input from others who have purchased this product so that I may weigh the pro and cons from information gathered from people who have used this product and then decide whether I want to purchase this program. Also, there may be better products out there that offer the same information but at less cost. Product research, I would do the same thing when purchasing a blender or candy bar. It’s like buying property. You gotta do your reseach before making a decision to purchase. That’s just the way experienced investors treat any purchase… Again, thanks for the reply,

Carlton Sheets says you don’t need money to make money…?


Surely a “guru” such as he is right?

I do not agree with John (LV) When I got into this I was flat broke!! Now ten years later at 30 I am now making enough money that I live a great life!! 10k plus a month without working and no bills now on the months I do work that number easily triples… Remember its your attitude not your aptitude that will determine your altitude!! If you have a bad attitude you will GO NOWHERE FAST!!! Good luck on your decision!!!

Reconsultants, need your opinion. Please respond. Thanks.

cobblato I responded in your message box!!! Good luck

Buy both.

Bronchick’s materials are always good to have on your reference shelf. With “Alternative Real Estate Financing”, you are introduced to the no-money down concepts of Subject To, Lease Option, Land Contracts, and Owner carry-back financing. I don’t actually have this course, so I am giving you my impression based upon the promotional materials I have seen and other Bronchick courses that I own. A course that introduces you to the concept may be lacking the how to do it details, step by step.

With Locke’s Subject To course, you are given a detailed guide for this specific technique. John even gives you his presentation script, sample contracts, and his cell phone number if you need on the spot coaching. I have purchased the “Subject To” training manual which John used to sell for something like $185 dollars. Since I am already an experienced investor, I did not feel that I needed all the “handholding” that might be given in the full, $695 course.

If John still offers the training manual alone, buy it and also buy Bronchick’s course. They should complement each other well. If you review John Locke’s Subject To Training Manual and still want to get the full course, John used to offer a credit against the full course for the cost of the manual you already have.

Check with John Locke or John(LV) to see if these opportunities are still available.