John Locke says "we by houses cash" ads are mostly from bird dogs

on John Locke’s sub2 audio posted on this site, he mentions that most “we buy houses cash” ads are mostly from bird dogs who wouldn’t know a deal if it hit em in the face.

assuming this is true. what if i wanted to invest in some properties that they have come across? what is the best way to go about finding out if they are really bird dogs and to obtain properties to invest. should i just call and say “i’m an investor looking for some properties to invest in…do you have any available?”

y not?


I wasn’t suggesting this is a bad idea…but more along the lines of how to go about doing so in a professional business manner.


Yes just call them.

I dont know where john lockes from but here in south jersey all the signs are from people actually that buy and sell, not birddogs, so I guess it is where you are located.

And everyday there are new ones up, everyone is into rei now it seems.


Glad to meet you.

A little story which is quite common.

A student of mine related his story of all those that profess to doing deals. He had been attending his local CREI Club for many months and was in awe of those telling about all the deals they were doing. After he had completed his second Subject To deal as he was sitting around the war stories table, he just mentioned he had completed his second Sub 2 deal.

The war story professors stopped dead in their tracks, and started question him about how he did it, how much did he make and question after question. Seems all of a sudden he was the war story professor.

You hear all kinds of stories about people who are doing deals, however ask them to prove it and you will hear, “they were done in trusts for ananomity reasons so I cannot prove it to you.”

Sure you see all those “We Buy Houses” signs, check and see how many are up for awhile and then you never see them again, or print ads that show up and then dissapear.

When I first started everytime the “Infomercial Gurus” came to town there would be 20 We Buy Houses ads in the paper the first week after the seminar and then by about the third week there would be just myself and a few others who were actually doing deals.

So if you start networking with all the folks who are running ads, putting up bandit signs, etc., you will find all the reasons they turned down the folks who called by trying to pre-qualify them on the phone and then saying they weren’t really motivated because they asked the wrong questions. These folks are great Bird Dogs.

Just say to them will give me the lead and if I do the deal I will give you a finders fee. I am aquainted with someone doing deals that does this and spends no money on marketing, just does business with all those un-motivated sellers that are turned down by others.

One of my favorite lines when a seller called me was “this isn’t one of those damn deals where the loan stays in my name is it?”, I don’t every remember not closing the un-motivated seller who said this to me.

John $Cash$ Locke

Oh ok now I see what it is you are saying.

Yes, True alot of people with signs I called were wannabes, were not around long, and just seemed like they just started and knew less than me.

John, are you the same person that sells the rei birdog ebook?

If so, I bought it…excellent book , it helped me big time.

But anyhow yes in a sense a majority of the bandit signs guys are bird dogs, now I see the point more clearly.

Hey ryanpal if you are going to use some of these guys, check them out good, alot of bs out there, if you are gonna use them as buyers check their funds, verify evrything.

However I tried that route at first when I started bird dogging but I find I do better at local rei clubs, more serious people, more trustworthy.

They are part of a group, they have more to lose if they are shady and screw you over, thats if they have been around for awhile and people vouge for them I mean, not if they just joined last week…LOL…

Good Luck!!

thank you for your replies, they are much appreciated. i going to give these ads a call to get a better feel of if they are true investors or just bird dogs. speaking of rei clubs, i’m going to attend DIG which is located in PA (around Philly I believe) next week so we’ll see how it goes.

what was your response when asked this?


Yes, I sell a Bird Dog book and am going to keep it going as I do not sell my Subject To course anymore. I am adding alot of information gathered from my student investors and bird dogs that has been important helping them in their careers.


"There are several ways I purchase houses, however I will need to see your house and find the best way to purchase it and help you. What would be a good day and time to stop by, as a matter of fact how about this evening at 7:00?

Set the appointment they are already motivated when they call, now it is your job to have them sell you their house on your terms.

If you are bird dogging just change the words around to where your investor is the one who is coming by to help them.

John $Cash$ Locke

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If anyone tells you that there deals were done in a trust and they cannot prove it THEY DID NOT DO THAT DEAL!! All they have to do is show you how they set up the trust… I do deals in trust and can show you everything that goes along with it!