John D. Behle Techniques

Just recently came across a site by John Behle. Unforetunately he no longer is releasing his material (due to illness).

I would like to see if anyone here has used his materials or gone to his seminars that would be willing to impart some of the advance techniques learned.

It would be great for a group discussion on this material and advancing our knowledge base.

I’m also looking to aquire his materials if anyone that has them and would like to sell them off, please set up a contact here!

Thanks for any contributions to this subject,


Ah, yes…Mr. Behle (bet ya didn’t know his last name sounds like
Bailey, did ya? :o )

I often find myself reading through every single article
he’s written, as well as countless posts amongst various real
estate discussion forums just for fun these days.
I’m a nerd, I reckon.
Seeing that he no longer offers his material for sale anymore, you’ll find all you can read in the articles and forums I just mentioned.
He’s been asked about this and he, himself, suggests you take
the same route.

Best of luck to you in your search.

Thanks JasonAL I hope you/we can drum up some fruitful responses as well as products/materials to obtain.
BTW already started to read all his articles…

Keep on pluggin away at it, will ya?