John $Cash$ Locke "Subject To" Course

I was wondering why I can’t find this course for sale in the Product Catalog?

I sent a friend’s son here to purchase it, but he said he couldn’t find it.

Has the course been discontinued for some reason?

If so, can someone let me know why?

I thought it was one of the best courses on the subject that I had ever seen.
I was rather surprised that it is no longer here.

Thanks in advance of any information and enlightenment on this topic!


First let me thank you for the kind words.

When I authored my first Subject To manual “Subject To that’s what I do” it was something I felt very strongly that not only should a course writer offer their materials but also include follow up mentoring for the price the student invested in the materials.

So, included with the manual was, one on one email with me when a student needed advice, a password protected web site where investors and bird dogs could network and my cell number where a student needing advise fast could call me. The manual was a best seller on every site it was on, however I had to set a number of students who I could effectively help with the mentoring offered, when that number was reached then I discontinued the sale of the manual.

The same thing happened with my full training course, when I reached that maximum number of students or close to it, I put a cut off date, which was Sepetember 10, 2005. There was no “last chance” to purchase or really and big fanfare, because it has never been about selling courses only giving back what I have done very successfully to help those wanting to enter this great industry.

Currently I am upgrading my Big Bucks Bird Dogging e-book, which I will keep on the market for those that want to start in this industry and really learn from the ground up.

But, for now I just advise my current students, do some posting here at the REIclub and do a deal a week just to keep in practice.

John $Cash$ Locke


  I was also very disappointed that I couldnt purchase your course!  I am so confused about where to start in this business.  I have read a lot about bird dogging, but it seems like that is not as easy to accomplish as everyone says it is.  I know that I cant just be handed money for doing very little work, but I am thinking sub2 may be the way for me to go.
  I understand your reasoning for limiting the number of courses you sold, I just wish I would have been one of the lucky ones to get in on it!


Glad to meet you.

There are many aspects to the creative investing industry, what I found out by the way I market is that many opportunities arise, albeit not neccesarily Subject To. The basics are first and foremost how to find deals.

What is important is the difference between a person who NEEDs to sell, not WANTS to sell, this is where the process begins, as you want sellers who NEEDS to sell. Your demographic marketing will tell you this within a few minutes after you receive a response from your marketing by a seller what their circumstances are. This is one of the first things a good Bird Dog should know.

If you read the majority of posts from the new person, most are concerned about what direction to go, so they start purchasing courses offered and basically these courses gather dust and the new person will report they had no success using this person’s material.

When I held my workshops, which here again were limited to 5 people not 30, 40 or 100, because I could devote my attention to those that wanted to learn in a small group enviornment. Most of the students who attended reported spending $5K - $30K, yet had never done a deal.

My thoughts are if you start off learning to find deals by Bird Dogging, then your choice will be much easier as you will know what particular area of investing is best suited to your personality and needs. Now you can pick a course writer with a good reputation that has material that will guide you in the particular area of investing that interests you.

John $Cash$ Locke

Find one of his students in your area and see if you can’t get together for coffee with them once a week. You will definitely learn some things from them.

John, I emailed you about this question from your web site before I saw this forum. So Ill ask it here as well. I’m from North Carolina and wondering if its legal to do “subject to” deals in this state. Theres a bill being debated now concerning this very matter. Although I’ve heard that its been put on the back burner for this session. I’m not a real estate agent, just a land lord looking for other opportunities.

What do you consider “very little work.” I, and I am sure many other investors, would be willing to give money for simply a name and a number and/or address. Now if that is all you have to pass along and I close a deal, you get paid. Yes the amount you get paid is comesurate with the work you put into the deal, but if I close a deal from a lead you provide you will get paid.

I am having a hard time finding investors to work with. Is there anyone in Utah I can work with??


Glad to meet you.

You are referring to NC bill HR 725, which went to Judicuary and stayed there. I can assure you it is legal to due Subject To deals in North Carolina, for one reason I am in North Carolina doing them.

As a matter of fact I am tuning most of the sellers down calling me and cherry picking the ones I want to do, because if I didn’t I would not have enough time to catch those super trout on Jonathan Creek.

Go for it, put the toilet plunger down pick up a fishing pole in between those Subject To deals.

John $Cash$ Locke


Glad to meet you.

There is a gentleman I know in Utah who was the president of the CREI in SLC by the name of Jason Van Orden and knows the investors you are looking for so you can start bird dogging.

Do a Google search for him and you will find his web site and email address, just tell him $Cash$ said to say hello.

John $Cash$ Locke

Hi John,

Thank you for your generosity for sharing all these valuable information with us. I myself is a new real estate investor in the silicon valley area. Being just told that I am getting laid off, I decided to get my feet wet in the real estate industry and work for no one else but myself. As everyone know, house prices are ridiculously high in the bay area, very hard for a new investor to start. Can you give me some pointers or contacts that you might know in my area? I’d be more than happy to work with them or take a mentor to lunch and get some advises for my new career.

I will get your ebook on birddogging, and pls keep us posted when your courses reopen again.

Thank you sincerely,

Santa Clara, CA


Glad to meet you.

Thank you for your kind words and yes I do understand what you are saying about your area.

In checking with my students in your area they tell me that more and more houses are showing up on the expired listings reports, so the boom there is slowing down. Most of the big money investors have taken their pound of flesh and backed off as the houses are not selling as fast nor the appreciation rate rising as quickly.

I have always found no matter where the area is that there are always folks who need help, up market or down market, so there are deals. It is up to the investor or bird dog to apply marketing strategies to find these people that others are unable to find through their “message to market” game plan.

What I do is offer a password protected web site where investors and bird dogs can network with one another, this way you are not alone in your quest to become an investor or bird dog in our great industry.

John $Cash$ Locke


My name is Shane Willard. I am in Utah. Call me up…we can get together.