John Beck's Tax Sale Course

 I was wondering if any of you have seen the advertisement on tv for John Beck's tax sale course? It sounds like a great deal at 50 bucks for that kind of info. If anybody has any info on this guy and his tax sale course it would be greatly appreaciated. Also if there's a better source for learning about tax lien investing, could you please share it with me.       Thanks

Have you tried running a search on this forum?

I recommend buying a how to book by just finding the best one at a book store or searching

That way its cheaper for you and you also learn much more. Stuff from tv infomercials are usually just sales pitches to get you to buy their junk.

Got to the library or bookstore and read up on tax lien/certificate sales. Also get online and read the rules of the municipality where you are interested in investing. This will give you the real how to for this process.