John and other Sub To Masters

in doing direct mailers for subtos, I have a question, on page 146 of your course on sub to
should I use that post card to the exact? Is that what you used? Just checking! Oh, and there are no copyright issues on that “$” thing, ie $ CASH NOW $ BUYS NOW $


also, should I target:
mortages 1-2 years old?
newer houses?
or is there a page I need to reread in your course!?!

Thank you very much for your time, I know its precious.

Happy Holidays,

I want to get one actually for ron a. and I in green valley.


Yes, 1-2 year old loans or properties. Now they maybe some who tell you stay away from low equity deals, but at a 43% yearly appreciation rate in Las Vegas, it takes about 15 minutes to have equity in any property. ::slight_smile:

You just have to know your market to determine how far back to go when doing your demographic marketing for your mailings.

Yes use that card, also this card works very well, to reach the pre foreclosure folks before they get into preforeclosure when they are really easy to deal with and are looking for help.

$Cash Now$ - $Money Today$ take your pick.

Happy Holidays to you also,

John $Cash$ Locke

Ron has done a deal or two in Las Vegas ;D

thanks for your time, I appreciate it…but ron who???


Him and I are pretty much best freinds I’d have to say now!

Good business, making good freinds.