John Alexander's "Inverse Purchase System"

Who has actually USED it? Is it legit? Is it legal?

That’s really all I want to know. Not if you think it’s legal or illegal, we all have our speculations: I simply want to know if it is legit or not?

I want to start wholesaling to retail buyers. What I have in mind, is to simply get into an option contract with a seller; let them know that I’m an investor and plan on finding an end buyer who will pay more than what I have in contract with them, thus making money on the spread of the two contract prices. At this point, I’ve had some help coming up with a good promissory note to sign with the seller. I will simply have him “buy me out” of my contract by signing this promissory note and I should get paid as a lien holder at closing.

From what I’ve read about JA’s program, this seems almost identical. Instead of using JA’s program, I’d like to know if this could work?