Joe Bodeck earn while you learn

Is anyone familiar with Joe Bodeck’s Earn while you learn mentoring program? I am a new wholesaler looking for a mentor and I was told about his program. As someone who is new to the business should I begin with traditional wholesaling or wholesaling lease options ?

I’m not familiar with Joe Bodeck, I do both, I wholesale properties and wholesale Lease Options,
However I don’t run across that many LO opportunities, the ones I do come across the owners are behind in payments and decide to wait for some kind of miracle. They will stay in the house for a few years with out making payments.
I give them the option of taking over the house, making up the back payments and saving their credit. Sometimes I even offer them 2-$5,000
But if they leave, they realize they have to rent an Apartment for $950 a month and it’s much better to stay in the house they luv rent free for 2 years.
In my marketing for wholesale deals I come across Lease Option opportunities occasionally.

Buyer Beware!