Jobs are on the Right Track - IF YOU LIKE BEING UNEMPLOYED!

How many times have we heard the socialists in Washington tell us that the recession is over and that the unemployment numbers are headed in the right direction. I guess that’s true if you are currently employed and hoping to be unemployed. Don’t look now, but unemployment numbers are heading the WRONG DIRECTION, contrary to the predictions of The Chosen One! Here’s the story:

The number of Americans filing for initial unemployment insurance surged to just below the 500,000 level last week, and have climbed more than 12% over the past two weeks, the government said Thursday.

This is true. If you hunt you know you can shoot a deer right through the heart and it can run hundreds of yards before it falls, but it is dead as soon as the bullet hits. Jobs are a function of manufacturing as soon as we decided in the 1980s that the industrial (manufacturing and making stuff) age was over and we would not be in the information (manufacturing nothing and making air) age the American economy was dead. It just takes time from the bullet hitting to us falling. It is not an Obama thing it is just going to happen no matter who is in the Whitehouse.

Im telling you 100%, in the Midwest, atleast in Indiana, in MY area, the recession is FAR from over, and its a joke to say otherwise. Things are flat out NOT good here, and are showing no signs of getting better.

Aint’ gonna let it keep ME down though!

What would bring it back? Somebody put a big factory there to hire all those people, oops we don’t make stuff anymore. Maybe they can all be webmasters.

You hit the nail on the head Bluemoon! I wonder who is going to buy intellectual property during a collapse?

…and while the unemployment is ± 10%, the ‘underemployment’ is at a staggering 19.7%!

These are people who work part-time and are technically employed but want to work full-time.

Oh, well, SOMEONE must have voted for him…very few are admitting it at this point.

People need to wake up.


My area LIVED off of a GM plant and Chrystler here in my area. Things were GREAT for everybody, but when the recession came, BOOM, they close doors. The parking lot used to be completley full, now i havent seen anybody in that huge parking lot for probably 2 years.

Another thing to note, I live around ALOT of the ex-GM hillbilly factory workers, and they ALMOST ALL voted for Obama. In my opinion, its hard to feel bad for people whne they vote like this.

We bail their arse out, and for what??? Great results huh? What a crok of @@@@!

I guess the ABSOLUTE CRAP GM put out of those factories for YEARS had NOTHING to do with it…

2.8 liter engines that wouldn’t make it to 100K miles if you lived on a hill with a 50,000 mile driveway.

How about that PONTIAC AZTEC…Ugly as SIN the day it rolled off the assembly line. NO ONE bought them.


The UNIONS had their fair share of the blame with IDIOTS getting PAID to mow lawns at $50/hr or even BETTER sit and read a newspaper because of a JOBS BANK PROGRAM. :banghead :banghead

I hate to BREAK THE NEWS to you HOOSIER…But GEORGE BUSH bailed out GM…To the tune of $13.4 BILLION!!!

Let’s not forget that GM and Chrysler failed to downsize in response to their surroundings. They didn’t see tough times ahead, so they didn’t prepare for it. But don’t worry Hoosier, you should have a pretty solid income in nursing ( as long as you don’t kill anyone) :grim. While I’m thinking of it, be sure to get malpractice insurance. I use HSBC. Go to and get a policy. Its about $75/yr. for a $2M policy.

No doubt Jake. (I dont support Bush, you know that. ) Jake, Youll be getting a PM when I reach that 30K.

Also, Ive been trying the whole “not worrying about politics” thing latley, its going pretty well.

But anyway…As far as the unions…dont get me started. The UAW workers are some of the stupidest bunch there is.

My family (my grandparents, uncles, and dad) all work(ed) at GM. Some of the stories are amazing(they dont even work).

Example? My dad worked for GM, was a big union supporter (i think most unions are completley dumb, but whatever). He would clock in to work, and then? WALK OUT TO HIS TRUCK and SLEEP for 12 hours getting PAID 36.75 an hour with time and 1/2 after 8 hours. He has a radio, if they buzz him in, then he walks in as if hes been there the whole time. (They usually never buzz him in)

This is not a isolated incident, EVERYBODY DID IT! And yet… we wonder why these EVIL FOREIGN companies who actually make their WORKERS WORK are being successful. In my opinion, many Americans need to WAKE UP and see how STUPID stuff like this is. You cant possibly expect a business to do well when they are paying workers like this.

I never planned on working at GM because I personally hate the idea of working in a factory, so none of this really dissapoints me. I think its kind of funny watching these UAW idiots run around talking about WHAT THE GOVERNMENT MIGHT DO?!? Must be a sad life not having your own life in control, and having to worry about what somebody else is going to do for your own sake. I never want to be like that.

I only can speak from personally experience about what goes on at GM, because I have no connections to Ford or anything, but yeah… GM is a JOKE!!! However, Im sure they are doing much better now that the Federal Government is running the show.

I am not a union fan but I am a fan of labor. We want our kids to do better than we did which means that they need to make a lot of money. We want them to make $50/hour to mow lawns so that they can take that money and buy stuff so that other laborers can make stuff and rent our houses.

Sending manufacturing overseas and always only buying the cheapest things is like eating the seed corn. You have to pay enough for things so that the economy keeps spinning. Although my wife tries very hard I can’t fund the whole economy myself. We need so $50/hour lawn mowers.


Send me that PM when you get close man…I’ve got some great ideas for you!!!