Job: mortgage lender


I’ve been reading the board for about 6 months to learn. It’s been very helpful and informative.

I have a B.A.
Quit Graduate school
Sales experience
teaching experience


I want to change my job/career and am very interested in the finance-side of real-estate. Mortage loan officer, i.e., or ther areas. (My cousin has done it for over 8 years and enjoys the business, setting, and he’s done well.)

  1. What are the must read books about business?

  2. Do I need a mentor and/or trainer?

  3. Can I recieve on-the-job training

  4. Or, can I work part-time to learn (keeping my full-time job) until I know enough to be hired full time?

In sum, what do I specifically need to do?

Thanks in advance to any that may reply.

I wouldn’t quit my full time job just yet. Being in the mortgage industry is not all peaches n cream.

If I were you, I would first talk to your cousin to get his perspective on the business. Then 2nd I would go to a local real estate investors meeting, and try to meet a local mortgage broker. Take him out to lunch and pick his brains. Find out how he got started in the business.

I’m not in residential, so that is about all I can offer you. If you want to know more about commercial mortgage brokering, send me an email.

Patti Porter