Jim Rogers thoughts on US economy

You guy’s all know my postion on the economy.

The reason I put this stuff up here (for those interested) is to get us looking at the BIGGER TRENDS occuring in our economy. This includes our present real estate cycle, and other investment classes. Any successful investor knows it’s not the small day to day movements that create wealth, it’s identifying the bigger trends and postioning yourself to benefit from them.

The intersting part of all this is how much information is out there and the sources of that info. I certainly don’t know it all, but when guys like Jim Rogers talk I LISTEN.


Jim is considered one of THE best investors of our time. He started the Quantum fund with George Soros in the early 1970’s. Jim personally managed that fund for 10 years and returned a mind boggling 3365% to investors during that time. Incidentally, that 3000+% return was posted during one of the worst BEAR MARKETS in Wall St. history.
He called the current commodity boom 8 years ago when other pro’s thought he was nuts. Listen to the interview with him on youtube.