Jet Plane "timeshare"

Has anybody considered owning a private Jet plane? I have and they are expensive! However, I came upon the idea of how about “timesharing” a Jet plane? Several people can get together and buy a portion, rent a pilot, pay for hanger fees, etc. etc. What would be a better bonus is if someone were a pilot already and they would provide that service. I have been taking some flying lessons myself, actually, and this is what kinda got me on the idea.
So, is there anybody else that has thought about this? Anybody want to get together and see what would be required - probably how many people would need to group together - to buy a private Jet plane and timeshare it together?


That sounds like a cool idea… :biggrin

This is done quite frequently and there are usually many people looking to get out of it and have their shares for sale. There are companies set up to handle exactly what you’re talking about. Try to see what they offer. Do you have any idea of operating costs for a jet? It takes a lot of money to go high and fast. That’s why most people who own planes have something like a Cessna 172. Sure they don’t go very fast, but it’s still a plane and you’re only burning about 6 gallons of fuel per hour. Compare that to the P-3 I used to fly that burned about 800 gallons per hour. Oh and how far could I get in an hour in that? About 350-400 miles. Aviation isn’t economical, but it’s fun!